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China from Buckingham Palace

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Direct from the Royal Collection and via Harrods in London these splendid pieces of china are direct, faithful copies of the finest and most sophisticated  examples in the world – those of the Buckingham Palace Collection.

Trinity rings, perfect diamond & gold gift idea

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Trinity rings with valued UK hallmarks

What is a trinity ring? Quite simply, the three diamonds represent the past, the present and the future. This means that they are the perfect gift for a loved one – you are telling them of your devotion to them throughout the years. This makes for a wonderful gift idea for anniversaries, engagements or as an anytime ‘I am yours’ occasion.  They are made of the finest gold and genuine earth-mined diamonds which are conflict-free. Why is the UK hallmark important?

Alexander McQueen accessories

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Here at Tastes Magazine, there are some designers who we feel are essential. Everyone, for example, should have a Marimekko items in their home. No decor is quite complete without at least one classic Mid Century Modern iconic piece.

And it’s the same with our wardrobe – we believe that everyone should have one item by Alexander McQueen at the very least.

The lucky thing is that there is a full range of goods that come from this design house and a McQueen accessory will always add that certain something to an outfit or ensemble.

We love the iconic scarves  and the skull jewelry but there’s so much more to choose from – from bags to sunglasses, from umbrellas to belts. Use the link below or click an image to see the full collection.

See the full range of Alexander McQueen accessories here

This is … Read More »

Skull scarves by Alexander McQueen

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A fashion classic – the Alexander McQueen skull scarf

There are some items that I believe every woman should have in her wardrobe and a genuine McQueen skull scarf is one of them. Over the last few years, these useful, adaptable and stylish items have entered the world of fashion must-have classics. They instantly add a certain flair to any outfit,casual or formal.

Antique inspired decor items for the library or study

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Eighteenth century styled decor items for your library,study or office

Imagine a gentleman’s library in a sophisticated mansion in eighteenth century London. In addition to comfortable leather chairs, polished mahogany furniture, gleaming brass and probably a King Charles spaniel dozing in front of the roaring fire, there would be items like the ones you see here. As the gentlemen passed the port, smoked cigars and chatted of this and that, they would also admire the various artifacts on shelves and tabletops. It was another era, a new age of travel, discovery and advancement.

Books for the bibliophile from the Folio Society

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The best gifts for the book lover

With worldwide shipping direct from The British Museum in London these special-edition, Folio Society books are the absolute best gift for anyone who appreciates books, literature and fine quality. There is a lovely selection of books available including those suitable for children, the historian, the collector or simply those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Lewis Chessmen gifts, chess sets & more

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The ultimate chess gifts – direct from the source

If you don’t know about the Lewis Chessmen then the chess-lover, history buff and antiquarian in your life will tell you that the originals, now housed in the British Museum in London, were created in the twelfth century and discovered in Scotland hundreds of years later where they had been concealed. Who created these chessmen, why were they made, taken to Scotland and hidden? That’s the mystery that has puzzled historians since their discovery.

Buy English food online

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Treats from England for the foodie

They say that France produces more cheeses than any other country but when I think about the wonderful country cheeses that are available from England I suspect that statistic isn’t fully accurate. England has a cheese-making history that goes back hundreds of years and produces marvels such as superior Stiltons to mature farmhouse Cheddars.

Luxury & tradition … perfumes by Penhaligon’s of London

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From the Victorian era to today…

William Penhaligon was the court perfumier to Queen Victoria. Today his company is still producing exquisite fragrances and now holds royal warrants from the Duke of Edinburgh and the Prince of Wales and previous regular clients included Sir Winston Churchill. But this doesn’t mean that these fragrances are for men alone.

Gifts from the Royal Collection

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Royal Collection from Harrods of London

Today, this exclusive store ships to countries all over the world so we can all enjoy delightful items from their ranges, wherever we are. And they make truly stunning gifts, especially for people who are Anglophiles. Most of range is produced in limited numbers so you know that you are buying an beautiful product that will become a collectors’ item.

Sleepwear for baby boys from Harrods of London

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Only the best for your own baby

The birth of a child is a very special occasion indeed – probably the most special. Do you have a little boy in your life that deserves the best? If so, then you need look no further than Harrods of London for the very best in clothing and accessories. You’re not in the UK? No problem, Harrods ships worldwide.

Home fragrances by Jo Malone of London – available at Saks

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Delicious and luxurious home fragrances available online

For a home, business or office to be truly luxurious, it needs to smell good. Let me take that back, it needs to smell great. And here are the fragrances that will provide your home with that beautiful aura of sheer luxury. They are from Jo Malone of London and available to buy online from Saks Fifth Avenue.

Top gifts from Harrods of London – with worldwide shipping

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Inexpensive – yet priceless – gifts from Harrods

Their logo is famous throughout the world and it has a certain caché too. I well remember the days when people used to go to the food hall and buy a simple apple just so they could also get a carrier bag bearing the prestigious logo.

Corporate gift ideas from Harrods of London

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Branded corporate gifts direct from Knightsbridge in  London

Now that the luxurious Harrods branded goods are available online, you can show your appreciation to your clients in a truly memorable way. Shopping at the Brompton Road store is subjected to many rules and regulations (did you know that unaccompanied children under fifteen can’t enter?) but shopping using their inline store is convenient and fun.

Serve afternoon tea from Harrods of London

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High tea from Harrods

There was a time when the highly prized branded goods from Harrods were only available to lucky Londoners or to tourists visiting Britain. (Doesn’t everyone visiting London go to Harrods?) But that was in the old days; today this prestigious store ships its luxury, branded goods worldwide. (Food items cannot be delivered to Australia and New Zealand however, but other purchases are fine).

Beautiful Burberry for babies and children

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Burberry – for the most stylish kids on the block

Burberry has stood for British style and elegance since the middle of the ninteenth century. This long-established company is still at the forefront of fashion and design and its famous and iconic tartan patterns are available on clothes for young babies and for toddlers.

Peter Blake limited editions

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Peter Blake produced one of the most famous artworks of the twentieth century. Do you know what it is? Since that time, his work has become even more collectible and these gorgeous strictly limited editions are currently available.

The ultimate Beatles tour

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Going to the UK? Well, don’t make the mistake that so many visitors do and hang around in London all the time.London is fine for a couple of days but where you really need do is go to Liverpool – and you know why.

Jewellery from the British Museum

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Yes, the British Museum has a wonderful collection of fabulous jewellery and they also offer worldwide shipping – what a wonderful idea for unusual gift ideas.

British bags by Mulberry: Shipped worldwide

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Offered by the top store Selfridges, these Mulberry handbags are the height of British fashion and style. Choose from the tiny clutches so beloved of Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge to the most elegant of weekenders; this collection has something for everyone.

Tour London’s Chinatown + cooking class

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Now this is a simply brilliant idea for a gift. If you know someone who is going to be in London, you can treat them to a wonderful day. This can be ordered online from anywhere in the world.

Bags from Harrods of London: Ships worldwide

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Shop in style – anywhere in the world

When I was at college and we used to go to London, there was nothing I could afford in Harrods. However, in those days, it was possible to buy an apple in the food hall and, for an extra couple of pence, get a distinctive paper carrier bag in dark green with the familiar Harrods logo in gold.

Stylish accessories from the most luxurious brand – Bentley

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What epitomizes style and luxury better than Bentley? No arriviste, Bentley is a company that has been known for quality since 1919 and have long been considered the arbiter of refined, traditional taste and values.

The Harrods 2014 bear

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Now the 2014 Harrods of London teddy bear is available

We loved last year’s bear and like many people, wondered what this prestigious London store would create for 2014. Now all can be revealed. The 2013 annual bear was very gentlemanly (see him here) with his smart city pinstriped waistcoat and sharp red accessories.

Burberry for babies from Harrods of London

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For baby girls and boys – with the royal seal of approval

The British Royal Family make no secret of their fondness for Burberry clothing and fabrics. The Duchess of Cambridge – now acknowledged as a style icon in her own right – is following the traditional and is often to be seen dressed by this prestigious fashion house. Therefore it makes the best of sense that Prince George will be seen in the clothes seen above.

Stylish designer bags by Orla Kiely

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Classics of the future – bags by Orla Kiely

It’s no secret that Ilove  handbags, clutches and totes because of the way they can transform and outfit and add instant pizzazz and style every day of the week.  And I think that one of my very favorite designers is Orla Kiely. Since she shot to fame in the late 1990s, she has produced classic designs with a twist that have quickly become iconic – from her seemingly Marimekko-inspired leaf prints to her stunning leatherwork.

Stylish knitwear for men from Ted Baker of London

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Ted Baker knitwear for men direct from the House of Fraser

The House of Fraser has been dressing stylish men and women since the middle of the nineteenth century and this fashionable London store has always stood for quality and attention to detail. There’s no need to travel to England though because today, the store offers fast and inexpensive shipping all over the world.

Is 2013 a special year for you? A lasting gift from the Royal Mint

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A special commemorative gift for a special year

Is this a special year for you or for a loved one? Maybe you or a member of your family is celebrating a special anniversary, a new marriage or the birth of a new baby? Mark the year with one of these fabulous gifts from the Royal Mint in London (international orders accepted).

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