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Trunk Club – personal online shopping for men

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Online personal shopping?

I know, it sounds like a contradiction, doesn’t it? But this is a wonderful service I’ve just discovered and I must share it with you. It is absolutely the best way for guys to shop for clothes – quite brilliant. It’s always said that we girls love to shop for clothes but guys hate it. I’m sure that’s too much of a generalization (I hate the mall) but I do think that buying clothes isn’t necessarily a thing men love. Now, we have the answer.

Gentlemen, you deserve a bespoke suit

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There is nothing more elegant than a made-to-measure suit

This company provides the most amazing service and it also has a fascinating history which explains just why. But first, let me tell you about how this service operates. You can have, thanks to the internet, a bespoke, made-just-for-you suit (or shirt or blazer) that is guaranteed to be a superb fit, to look remarkably stylish, but without the hassle of tedious measuring and fitting or having to visit the tailoring capitals of the world. What’s more, this is a luxury you can afford.

Cool cufflinks

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Here at Tastes, we’re so pleased that men are wearing cufflinks – that is, the stylish man. They went out of favour for a few years – thank goodness that the man with taste is now reviving this wonderful jewellery product.

Halloween and spooky ties

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Style and spookiness for him

For every man who is happy to dress up as a banana on Halloween, there is another who has absolutely no desire to dress as a fruit, vegetable, superhero, pirate or knight in shining armor. There are also those who love to dress up – in the evening at a costume party – but has to remain sober-suited during the business day but would still like to make some concession to the occasion.

Buy and tie colored shoelaces

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Colored shoelaces add a touch of style and a subtle pop of color to even the most formal outfits. For many years, colored shoelaces have been available for casual wear but now, they are also available to buy online – versions that are suitable for the dressiest and most formal shoe.

The best way to make the most of these is to learn how to tie them in stylish ways. There’s little point in using these stylish products if you neglect to make the most of them.

They are terrific for weddings too. If the groom and his attendants select laces in the bride’s chosen featured color, they add such style. Which tying method do you prefer? I love the straight bar look (see the image below) but the lattice method is truly funky and not for the faint-hearted. Click the links … Read More »

Customized stylish diamond jewelry for men

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Gorgeous diamond jewelry for him

What we really love about this range of fabulous designer jewelry is that the majority of the pieces can be customized; mostly at no extra cost. For example, when you select a ring as a gift for your guy, it can have the inside engraved with the message of your choice absolutely free; making your gift truly unique.

Can men’s underwear be a stylish gift?

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Yes, men’s underwear from Gap is stylish

Underwear – socks and shorts – were always a default gift choice for men and, shall we say, somewhat boring. But these lovely examples from Gap can spice up any man’s clothing collection. There’s no excuse for boring underwear any more!

New designs from Tommy Bahama

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If you’re a guy who likes to dress in suitable tropical style during the summer – or when on vacation –  then the range from Tommy Bahama needs absolutely no introduction. Below see the very latest designs.

Watches for men – from Armani

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Favorite watches for men

Armani has set the standard in fine Italian design for almost forty years. Known worldwide, the brand has grown and flourished thanks to its high standards and impeccable design work.  Georgio Armani founded his empire with its beginnings in menswear featuring sophisticated and sleek lines – very typical of Italian quality and style.

Bargains for men

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Are you looking for stylish gifts for men that are great value for money? Or maybe you’re a guy who is always on the lookout for the best. Whichever way, this is the page for you.

Ties for the musician and music lover

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Fun ties with a musical theme

Many men are obliged to wear a suit during their work days. Some guys are less than comfortable with the ‘jeans and t-shirt’ casual look and prefer to dress with a little formality. However, the one opportunity they have to show their personality and interests is by the creative use of neck wear. What I love about this range is that some designs are subtle and stylish and others are suitable for, well, sillier days.

Design your own Italian handmade shoes

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Italian handmade shoes for men and women.

If you’re looking for a touch of luxury – without breaking the bank – then imagine how it feels to have a pair of handmade leathers shoes, created just for you, by European craftsmen and specialists with a long tradition of creating luxury footwear for the most stylish of clients. Select one of their standard designs and your shoes or boots will be created just for you. But there’s more.

Shop Giorgio Armani for men

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Armani Collezioni Collection

You’ll recognize the name…it’s one that is synonymous with high fashion, quality in design and haute-couture. A prestigious name and reputation in the fashion industry. It was a pleasure browsing this online shopping boutique.

Stylish knitwear for men from Ted Baker of London

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Ted Baker knitwear for men direct from the House of Fraser

The House of Fraser has been dressing stylish men and women since the middle of the nineteenth century and this fashionable London store has always stood for quality and attention to detail. There’s no need to travel to England though because today, the store offers fast and inexpensive shipping all over the world.

Saks Fifth Avenue for Men

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Saks Fifth Avenue – for men

Shopping the outstanding collection of apparel for men at Saks Fifth Avenue is simply another pleasurable experience. Every piece – every item available makes a statement. Saks Fifth for men promises quality in design, and construction – from casual to dressy clothing, accessories, outerwear and wonderful gift ideas.

Billy Reid – stylish designer menswear and footwear

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We’ve loved the Billy Reid range for several years now. These men’s fashions are stylish, practical and fashionable. The company specializes in fabulous clothing and footwear. We love to see our men dressed by this designer!

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