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Top Luxury Tastes Recommendations

These are our favorite luxury, stylish finds and gifts that we've discovered on the internet. All can be purchased online from the best retailers. We search the web for the best so you don't have to!

We are a small but dedicated team who delight in searching the internet for the best possible items from la creme of online stores so that you can treat yourself or buy deliciously tasteful and stylish gifts for your family and friends.

We hope you enjoy our carefully-curated selections!

Inexpensive costume jewelry for fashion & fun

Fun & fashionable jewelry

Although everyone should have a good collection of fine jewelry (to leave to our children, if nothing else!) it’s also wonderful...

Design your own exquisite gemstone jewelry

Start with designer jewelry and personalize it

Yes,on this fantastic website, you can select from a beautiful range of designer jewelry and then personalize it...

Organic baby clothes for boys and girls

Gorgeous organic baby clothes – newborn to 24 months

Only the best for the babies of the families of Tastes readers! Whether you’re a proud...

Stylish & delicious cakes – order online

Stylish, scrumptious cheesecakes to order online

Wow, just look at these wonderful cakes. On this fabulous site you’ll find cakes that are perfect for weddings,...

High fashion and fun for your dog

Only the best for your precious pup

You demand the best and your four-legged friend deserves the very best too. Your dog is a member...

The beauty secrets of argan oil

Ancient beauty treatment now available to all

It doesn’t get much better than this. A time-honored, natural beauty secret from a sustainable source that helps...

Classic leather goods from Moore and Giles

Gorgeous leather bags and more

Leather is simply one of those materials ¬†that quietly and subtly say ‘quality’. Moore and Giles – a company...

Buy gourmet French foods online

The best gourmet foods from France

No matter how much we enjoy other cuisines, I think that many of us admit that foods from France...

Gifts for the Ferrari driver – or fan

For lovers of all  things Ferrari

And that includes me. This website features official Ferrari merchandise and includes clothing, bags, sunglasses, toys and home decor...

Gifts from the Royal Collection

Royal Collection from Harrods of London

Today, this exclusive store ships to countries all over the world so we can all enjoy delightful items from...

Personalized stationery and journals

A truly thoughtful gift

Something that has been out of style for so many years is suddenly red hot! There was a time when everyone...

Elvis Presley: Jailhouse Rock artwork

Was this Elvis’ most stylish movie?

I’m no expert. I’m pretty sure that I’ve never watched a complete Elvis film ever but if the stills...

Customized stylish diamond jewelry for men

Gorgeous diamond jewelry for him

What we really love about this range of fabulous designer jewelry is that the majority of the pieces can be...

Vintage designer jewelry and watches – online

Vintage finds – a well-kept secret

Do you know where the cognocenti find their vintage designer jewelry? There’s no need to visit specialist stores and...

Bags, totes, clutches & wallets from Forever 21

Forever 21 – current bag collection

Did you know that this company is currently the most searched-for online store on the internet? That’s because of...

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