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Top Luxury Tastes Recommendations

These are our favorite luxury, stylish finds and gifts that we've discovered on the internet. All can be purchased online from the best retailers. We search the web for the best so you don't have to!

We are a small but dedicated team who delight in searching the internet for the best possible items from la creme of online stores so that you can treat yourself or buy deliciously tasteful and stylish gifts for your family and friends.

We hope you enjoy our carefully-curated selections!

Adventure Holidays to India
Adventure Holidays to India

Holidays to India have the potential to live with you for the rest of your life. There is absolutely no doubt...

Add style to your home with Marimekko

No stylish home is complete without Marimekko

I believe this. This company has long been admired by design aficionados and I always smile when I...

Eco cola bags

Stylish bags from an unusual source

When I first saw these bags, I simply thought how cool and stylish they looked.Scroll down to see a...

Vintage style motivational posters


These quotes are a great gift idea

Even if they are a gift for yourself. We all need a little help at times to reach...

Designer gloves & hats

Stay warm in style

I don’t know about you but I’ve always found that cold weather clothes are often far more stylish than warm weather...

Gifts for Travelers: Carry on Bags

Did you know that it’s perfectly possible to pack everything you need for your holiday into a carry on bag? It’s true, I’ve done...

Vintage style weather instruments

Lovely accent pieces in vintage style

Whilst I love modern styling, I have to admit that some designs are simply timeless.  Timeless items are perfect...

Stained glass accents & decor

Stunning stained glass for your home or office

These lovely stained glass items look perfectly lovely in the home. Stained glass has been used in...

Vintage fashion artwork

Stylish artwork for the home or office

Whatever period of fashion history interests you, there’s something on this site for you. These beautiful reproductions of...

Animal statues are a perfect gift

Unusual statues offer something for everyone

You’ll be delighted with this range of unusual statuary because not only are they delightful, the will also solve...

Ornament stands for your treasures

Display your ornaments in style

Don’t we all have ornaments that are beautiful and bring back memories? Why should they be lost amongst the other...

BBC complete collection DVDs

Hours of quality viewing from BBC America

The British Broadcasting Company is known throughout the world for producing high-quality dramas, documentaries, comedies and much more....

Jazz wall art

Art for the jazz lover or musician

Jazz has its own visual style in addition to being a music genre. The art of jazz can...

Holiday tours along the Rhine and Danube

There’s no doubt at all that Germans are experts at baking and especially cakes. They are regional, and there’s nothing more delightful than traveling...

Stylish gifts that give back

Style and saving

Many years ago, there were very few goods available that were suitable as gifts and at the same time, donated to charity....

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