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Top Luxury Tastes Recommendations

These are our favorite luxury, stylish finds and gifts that we've discovered on the internet. All can be purchased online from the best retailers. We search the web for the best so you don't have to!

We are a small but dedicated team who delight in searching the internet for the best possible items from la creme of online stores so that you can treat yourself or buy deliciously tasteful and stylish gifts for your family and friends.

We hope you enjoy our carefully-curated selections!

Pop top bags, belts jewelry and more

Whether you call them pop tops or ring pulls, these discarded items certainly can be transformed into the most wonderful products. These are produced...

Where to buy genuine African jewelry online

Today we’ve found a wonderful site for you that you’ll love. On this page you’ll find some beautiful African jewelry that is made by...

How to create a terrarium

We’ve always loved the clean looks of terrariums when used in interior decor. They are easy to care for, very stylish and bring a...

Creative crochet kits

When was the last time you received a handmade gift? The fact is that handmade items are so much more thoughtful, therefore so delightful...

The ultimate Halloween slideshow

Regular readers know that here at Tastes Magazine, we always admit that Halloween isn’t our favourite holiday.

We love the colours – black, orange and...

Incredible crafts kits

Everyone is crazy about crafts these days. In the last few years, our creative sides have really been expanding their horizons. Today, we hanker...

Gentlemen, you deserve a bespoke suit

There is nothing more elegant than a made-to-measure suit

This company provides the most amazing service and it also has a fascinating history which explains...

Cool cufflinks

Here at Tastes, we’re so pleased that men are wearing cufflinks – that is, the stylish man. They went out of favour for a...

Earrings for people with sensitive skin

Earrings that are hypoallergenic and nickel-free

There are many people who find that regular earrings irritate the skin. It seems to come and go with...

Beautiful items made from … fire hoses

You know that we love to search the internet for usual gift ideas and we’ve found a wonderful one here. I know that you’ll...

Getting Great Gear Guide: A Gore-Tex Jacket

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Gore-Tex jackets are the best you can wear in bad weather.

Trinity rings, perfect diamond & gold gift idea

Trinity rings with valued UK hallmarks

What is a trinity ring? Quite simply, the three diamonds represent the past, the present and the future. This...

For the Indy Racing fan – framed, autographed gifts

Indy Racing – signed & framed memorabilia

If you have a racing fan on your gift list, this site is the place for you. Danica...

Where can you buy a working wind-up gramophone?

Truly unusual gifts ideas

Are you looking for a working replica wind-up gramophone complete with antique style brass horn? No? Well how about an African...

Fantastic Hand Puppets and Great Kids Party Ideas

I would recommend any puppet that has been designed and made by the company Enchanted Puppets.

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