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Luxury spa gifts – we all deserve to be pampered

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Have your own wonderful spa day at home

The wonderful thing about giving a luxury spa gift basket is that they are suitable for everyone – from young girls to great-grandmothers, everyone enjoys being pampered. But are they just for the women in your life? No, guys need relaxation too! There’s something for everyone on this lovely website.

Luxury & tradition … perfumes by Penhaligon’s of London

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From the Victorian era to today…

William Penhaligon was the court perfumier to Queen Victoria. Today his company is still producing exquisite fragrances and now holds royal warrants from the Duke of Edinburgh and the Prince of Wales and previous regular clients included Sir Winston Churchill. But this doesn’t mean that these fragrances are for men alone.

Fragrances for men at bargain prices

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Designer fragrances for men – bargains

The images you see here are indicative only because the range of fragrances for men at this online store changes all the time. Nevertheless, it is the place to pickup fabulous fragrances at the best possible price. You’ll find many more bargains too.

The beauty secrets of argan oil

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Ancient beauty treatment now available to all

It doesn’t get much better than this. A time-honored, natural beauty secret from a sustainable source that helps to empower women – how can that be? The argon tree, with its amazing properties, grows only in Africa and only Berber women are allowed to extract it – by law. For centuries, this oil has been their well-kept beauty secret. Now, it’s available to you.

Fine spa gifts from Gilchrist and Soames

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Spa, bath and body products for all

Isn’t it always a pleasure to enter your hotel room and find that you’ve chosen a hostelry which is stylish enough to provide Gilchrist and Soames products in the bathroom? We’re very lucky these days – for many years the company supplied only a tiny select number of spas and boutique hotels, plus a few distinguished personal clients.

Delicious and delightful luxury soaps to buy online

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Luxury soap – simply the best

For some of us, soap is just one of those necessities that we throw into the cart and the grocery store without much thought. That’s fine if we’re buying an everyday products for family use. But when you want a touch of luxury, there’s nothing like a delicate and fragrant soap to lift your spirits and make you feel fabulous.

Fragrances for women from the house of Dior

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Amazing Dior perfumes for women

The name of Dior is timeless. When I think of this long-established fashion house I think of Paris, tradition, style and that certain caché that most fashionable French women seem to achieve effortlessly. Style is composed of many different components. Some are visible, others are far more subtle.

Beauty products from Elizabeth Arden

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The very name has always conjured up quality to me. Oh, and tradition – that’s hardly surprising because Elizabeth Arden was born in 1884. But yet the latest technology and ingredients are used in these products.

Are you using face oil?

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If you’re not using face oil, read on

It’s been a well-kept secret but no longer – for the best in skin care, be sure to use a great quality face oil. For quite some time, celebrities, beauticians and some of the most beautiful people in the world have been improving and refining their skin using pure, simple oils.

Shaving kits for men

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Stylish grooming products for men

Do you remember when shaving and grooming gifts for men were seen as being rather boring? That’s before the days of the introduction of stylish and carefully created male products such as those by the Art of Shaving – before sophisticated male grooming was born.

The purest organic skincare

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Beautiful organic skincare products

You can see straight away how gorgeous the packaging is for this wonderful range and it well expresses the purity of this fabulous skincare range. All these lovely lotions are USDA certified but that’s not all. They are suitable for vegans and those who are concerned about animal welfare as no testing on animals takes place.

Gift baskets always are a delight to receive and to give

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For all occasions
This site has a remarkable selection of beautiful gift baskets for any and all occasions.
You’ll find gift baskets for the baby, lovely fruit baskets, gourmet food baskets, and wine picnic baskets just to name a few…

Care for damaged hair

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Hair that is damaged needs special care and treatment.

Salon quality hair conditioners are the way to go when it comes to hair repair, and prevention of hair damage. We’ve found just the right hair treatments to help your hair recover… Create a lovely hair repair package by purchasing a great conditioner, a leave – in treatment, or a moisture duo pack.

For the best in hair curling and styling tools

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Only the best for your hair
An outstanding selection of the finest hairstyling and hair curling electrical appliances. Look no further than this site – which carries a large selection of high end salon quality styling wands, curlers, and appliances that create beautiful luscious locks. The latest hair curling tool by Babyliss is second to none.

Are you seeking the closest shave imaginable?

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Straight Razors are the answer

Every man should enjoy a barber giving him a shave with a straight razor. Nothing comes close to the feeling of a professional’s ministrations with a straight razor. When you can’t make it to the barber and shave parlor, the next best thing is a shave at home, like your grandfather’s grandfather use to do it.

Lookfanstastic has the beauty brands you’re looking for

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The top brands in hair, skin and body products used by professional hairstylist and make-up artists across the globe

Recognizable name brands such as Aveda, REDKEN, and ghd hair appliances are all found here…these are the luxury brands you can’t live or be without – worldwide shipping and ease in shopping makes this a one stop shop for all of your beauty and healthy living products a breeze!

Skin Care for Men – we choose the best

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Super skin care for men

We haven’t forgotten about men when it comes to skin care. We know how men are equally as concerned about skin care and anti-aging as women are. These fine products are made for men. Keeping your skin healthy, and maintaining a youthful fresh glow is important.

Yves St Laurent – award winning beauty and skin care products

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Innovative in design and innovation in ingredients

You’ll find these beauty products featured in high end fashion magazines like Allure, Elle, Harper’s Bazarr, and InStyle to name just a few…and why wouldn’t they be? A remarkable line that offers results deserves to be in the spotlight – as do you.

Professional Hair Care Products by PHYTO

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The best in hair care

Words like nourishing, hydrating, strengthening, and clinically proven – are only a few of the words that describe PHYTO hair products… more important than these words are the results that you’ll experience from using the most potent active ingredients from the botanical world to repair and maintain healthy hair.

Top designer fragrances for men

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Designer fragrances for the man in your life

When I buy fragrances for my man, I have to admit that I have an ulterior motive – because I want him to smell terrific for me!  Every stylish man wants to smell good and there are thousands of fragrances on the market – the problem is, where to start when you want to buy him that perfect gift?

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We are a small but dedicated team who delight in searching the internet for the best possible items from la creme of online stores so that you can treat yourself or buy deliciously tasteful and stylish gifts for your family and friends.

We hope you enjoy our carefully-curated selections!

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