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An unusual gift for the Beatles fan

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For the Beatles lover

If there’s a Beatles fan on your gift list, the chances are that he or she has lots of CDs, recordings, books and more. So what on earth can you buy for them that will be fascinating and truly appreciated? Here’s a wonderful idea at a very attractive low price, too.

The Samson 6 – 1 Juicer

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The Samson 6 in 1 is a quality green juice maker that produces delicious high quality juice. It has an elegant retro design and comes in different colors.

Silver and gold skull bracelets

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Skull bangles from Alexander McQueen

I recently featured McQueen’s stunning skull scarves and really wanted to include these pieces but I think that they deserve their own page. Aren’t they simply gorgeous? Prices start at under $200 and these are jewelry items that are classics of the future. See how beautifully they are engrave on the inside of every bracelet – there’s no doubt that these are the real thing.

Skull leather wrap bracelets – by Alexander McQueen

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Selected McQueen accessories

When Alexander McQueen first introduced his signature skull products, they immediately became ‘must-have’ items for celebrities everywhere. The primitive skulls, combined with today’s luxury materials, seemed to strike a chord with the most stylish people in the fashion world. The McQueen company still produce these and they have become true classics.

Skull scarves by Alexander McQueen

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A fashion classic – the Alexander McQueen skull scarf

There are some items that I believe every woman should have in her wardrobe and a genuine McQueen skull scarf is one of them. Over the last few years, these useful, adaptable and stylish items have entered the world of fashion must-have classics. They instantly add a certain flair to any outfit,casual or formal.

Handcrafted tableware from South African artists

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Lovely plates, bowls and more in delightful designs

I was absolutely knocked out when I found this range of tableware and I couldn’t wait to let you know about these lovely items. These stunning designs are created by artists in an area of Cape Town and have a primitive yet strangely sophisticated look. They are certainly incredibly stylish.

Build & design your own custom bike

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Design your own personalized bike online

Bikes are HUGE at the moment and will continue to grow even more in popularity. Let’s face it, when we use a bike we get exercise, we’re saving money and we’re being environmentally-friendly. And there’s nothing quite like riding a bike that’s your own individual design. We were so delighted to find this service online.

Black and white designer jewelry without breaking the bank

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Designer jewelry bargains

Delicious style and glamour isn’t always expensive. We’ve chosen these beautiful pieces in black and white, many of which are under $50. Black and white, especially when combined with golden and silver tones, is always stylish and sophisticated and we love this selection of both classically styled and ultra-modern jewelry.

Beautiful hand fans to buy online

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Keep cool stylishly or use these beautiful hand fans as delightful home decor. Hand fans do tend to be rather … well, kitsch is probably the best word. Those Asian ones always make me think of cheap Chinese restaurants. The ones you see in the slideshow below though, are truly stylish.

Gap for babies – from newborns up

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Baby and toddler clothing from Gap

Babies and toddlers have never been so stylish. Gone are the ‘blue for a boy and pink for a girl’ days – today’s parents see no reason why their children can’t be dressed in the best from day one. Gap has probably the finest selection of baby clothes on the internet today. Not only are they stylish, they are well-made from the best materials.

Vintage style fashion brooches

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The experts were right – vintage brooches

Yes, when fashion editors and gurus told us that vintage and retro brooches would be back in style they got it right – these looks are so hot right now. The selection we have chosen as fun items – what we used to call ‘costume jewelry’. These look absolutely delicious when worn on a dress, sweater or lapel.

Beautiful jackets to spice up your wardrobe

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Casual or smart – jackets add life and color

I love stripes, polka dots and some types of print but it’s a good investment to have clothes in your wardrobe that are solid colors. They give you so much more scope when it comes to accessorizing and creating stylish yet stunning outfits. Jackets are one way to do this, especially the ones from this beautiful range.

Inspired by the Duchess of Cambridge – Bebe clutches

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Clutches & small bags – Kate style

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, is singled-handedly responsible for the latest handbag and purse style. She favors small, clutch type bags and retailers, designers and fashion editors everywhere are paying attention. Ever since Kate married Prince William, she has inspired fashion looks with her own sense of style.

Why buy? Rent couture

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There are some occasions when you want to look more stunning than ever – you absolutely need that special dress or outfit. But do you really want to spend thousands of dollars on something you might wear just once?

Eight fabulous black & white dresses

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If there’s one colour combination that can be relied upon to be stylish – no matter what the fashion gurus dictate – that combination is black and white.

Saturday’s shoes slideshow

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This week’s selection of truly wonderful shoes

Charlie Chaplin artwork

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Where can you get the best Charlie Chaplin artwork? We know. There are (I think) thousands of options on this site. You can buy really inexpensive posters or artwork that is carefully mounted and framed.

Fashion photography for wall art

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Stylish fashion photography as decor

Just imagine all the fashion shoots that have taken place over the last hundred years. They have created a beautiful record of days gone by and the styles that were worn by the fashionistas that our mothers and grandmothers admired. Luckily, these historical images have not all been lost and today we can have them on our walls as stylish wall art.

Italian designer accessories – black & white

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Fashion colors come and go with the seasons but black and white are perennials. Forzieri, one of the top Italian design houses and online retailers have assembled the most stylish of goods with many different looks to choose from.

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