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Luxury silver wine accessories from Torrini of Italy

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For the man or woman who has everything

There’s someone on everyone’s gift list, I think – ‘what on earth can we get for him / her?’ There are quite often people – friends or relatives – who seem to have everything they could ever want. What to get them for a gift? This is particularly true if you’r shopping online – the latest bestselling book just isn’t going to do the trick. I must say, we love finding gifts for these people!

Stylish and fashionable Grammercy bikes for town

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The Martone bike is the way to get around in either the city streets or the country. Available in both men’s and women’s configurations these bikes are the smart way to travel. Stay fit and healthy, help the environment and look super-stylish with these great bikes.

1953 Ferrari 500 F2 – ultimate gift handcrafted automobiles

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Do you have anyone on your gift list who would like a vintage Ferrari? Or Bugatti? I know that they are gifts I’d be delighted to receive. Unfortunately, they are out of my league! But these lovingly-created, hand-crafted, intricate miniatures are the next best thing. Most are limited editions and as such, will increase in value over the years.

Fun watches by Modify – an adaptable accessory

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Create a collection of stylish and fun watches

These watches are great gifts for him, for her or for kids. They are great value for money and the wonderful thing about them is that, on the website, you can design your own. Choose the watch faces you like, and a suitable strap and make it uniquely yours. The company also has a collection of ready-assembled versions too.

Top designer bracelets for men

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Men’s bracelets from top designers

There is something undeniably stylish about a bracelet on a strong male wrist! Increasingly men are showing their flair and their own personal style by choosing the best from well-known design houses such as Gucci, Miansai and Fendi. These sturdy and fashionable pieces of jewelry use silver, leather, beads and even rubber to create these fabulous pieces.

Designer silver gifts from Tonino Lamborghini

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There are just a handful of words that exude luxury – and one of those is the name of Lamborghini. Add to this the words ‘Italian design’ and ‘made in Italy’ and you can be sure that these beautiful silver gift items are truly special.

Instill style at an early age with ride-on toys

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Style and good taste are both taught at an early age. There are some truly dreadfully tacky toys on the market and I am constantly hunting down well-designed toys and games for my own family. I love these ride-on cars and bikes, especially those made of wood. When you buy one of these for a child, you are creating a family heirloom that can be used for future generations.

Get the Bebe look – buy one piece or the outfit

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Fashion retailer Bebe takes the hard work out of accessorizing a new outfit. In their online store you can purchase a single piece – a dress, pair of shoes, jewelry, a bag – or, if you prefer, order the entire look.

Designer vases – fashion accents for the home

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It’s the little things that so often make a difference and this range of vases from the stylish Apt2B are affordable and add flair and color to your home. Bringing the outdoors into our homes is always a good idea and a simple bunch of flowers can make a striking display.

Scarves, shawls and wraps from select fashion houses

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Scarves, wraps, shawls … call them what you will but they are one of the most adaptable items in a woman’s wardrobe. They can elevate a plain outfit into something truly special. Really wonderful scarves and shawls are a terrific investment and will add style to your wardrobe for years to come.

Luxurious designer leather tote bags from Prada

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Made in Italy – Prada totes

If you’re looking for an inexpensive gift or treat for yourself, then Prada might not be for you. However, if you are looking for superb design, Italian manufacture, top quality leather and an item that is an absolute classic then Prada is the choice for you.

Versace Accessories – the best online selection

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The name of Versace has been synonymous with quality design for many years. There was a time when these products were only available at specialist outlets but today, thanks to the internet, a selection of wonderful items can be purchased online.

Stylish accessories from the most luxurious brand – Bentley

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What epitomizes style and luxury better than Bentley? No arriviste, Bentley is a company that has been known for quality since 1919 and have long been considered the arbiter of refined, traditional taste and values.

Sun and Ski

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Thinking of a sun and ski vacation?

Are you looking for the perfect gift for yourself or loved ones who are into sun and ski products that are made of the highest quality?

The North Face Apparel and Gear for men, women and children

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About the North Face

Born in the mountains, this line of apparel and gear for men, women, and children has become a highly recognized name and brand for its high-performance in fitness apparel and outerwear. Regardless of where you live, or in what climate – you can be sure of one thing, and that is that the North Face brand will keep you comfortably warm and dry.

Is 2013 a special year for you? A lasting gift from the Royal Mint

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A special commemorative gift for a special year

Is this a special year for you or for a loved one? Maybe you or a member of your family is celebrating a special anniversary, a new marriage or the birth of a new baby? Mark the year with one of these fabulous gifts from the Royal Mint in London (international orders accepted).

Indispensable Fashion Tanks, Ts & Camisoles

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T-shirts, tanks and camisoles are the foundation of any fashionable wardrobe. They are inexpensive and are available in a huge variety of colors. There are so many on the market – which to choose?

Italian designer accessories – black & white

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Fashion colors come and go with the seasons but black and white are perennials. Forzieri, one of the top Italian design houses and online retailers have assembled the most stylish of goods with many different looks to choose from.

A meat-free lifestyle – easy and quick meat-free recipes

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Cooking meat-free

If anyone had told me years ago, that I’d eventually be living without eating meat of fish, I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t have believed them. But times change and over the years, I decided that really, meat isn’t part of living my own personal good life.

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