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Lego Star Wars

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If you have a son who is over the age of 8 and loves Star Wars, then this Star Wars Lego set is brilliant. It’s the Republic Gunship. It is a massive box jammed full of Lego mini figures and it has a separate speeder, which my son tells me is a kind of space motorbike. This is an added bonus because it is two toys in one.

Melissa and Doug Free Standing Easel

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This versatile freestanding easel will help your child make fantastic art while discovering shape, color and develop motor skills. It is designed for three year olds and up.

Fantastic Hand Puppets and Great Kids Party Ideas

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I would recommend any puppet that has been designed and made by the company Enchanted Puppets.

WowWee Roboquad For Kids Who Love Robot Toys

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Finding a toy that will keep a teenager happy is not an easy job. And it seems to get harder each year.

There are plenty of things out there that promise the earth, but sadly, they all don’t deliver!

How to Choose the Best Ereader for Your Cool Child

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Last Christmas I bought my son has a Kindle Paperwhite, which he loves. I decided on a Kindle because I wanted him to read. Other devices, like tablets, have too many distractions, and expecting an emerging teenager to ignore those is asking just too much.

Because it is an electronic device the Kindle is very cool and so it ticks many boxes. But which device is best for you depends on why you are buying it, and to be honest the array of devices is a little overwhelming. See the article in the link below.

This article will help you through the mist!

Mini trampolines for kids

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Mini trampolines are perfect for keeping your child happy during those long cold winter months.

They are designed to be brought into the house and they easily fit into any average sized room.

My son was given his mini trampoline on his third birthday. His granny sent it over from Scotland, so it arrived in the post, which shows that they are neither too big nor too heavy.

He had a great time and bounced on it so happily for many years.
This Fold & Go Mini Trampoline is newer and has more safety features than mine, but essentially it is the same toy. Great for winter exercise and to help your kids let off some steam.

You can learn more here.

Scandinavian decor items by Playsam – or are they toys?

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Super stylish from Scandinavia

I fell in love with these the moment I saw them. They are, depending on where you see them, described as both ‘toys’ and ‘home ornaments’ and I’m not arguing; I think they qualify as both. They are superbly stunning as decor items in your home or office and yet any child would also be delighted to own such a wonderful piece.

Organic baby clothes for boys and girls

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Gorgeous organic baby clothes – newborn to 24 months

Only the best for the babies of the families of Tastes readers! Whether you’re a proud parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle or close family friend, you want to make sure that your precious little bundle starts life in the best possible. And what better than organic baby clothes? That lovely, delicate skin will certainly appreciate these items which are 100% organic and 100% pure. Sizes range from newborn to two years old.

Gifts for the Ferrari driver – or fan

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For lovers of all  things Ferrari

And that includes me. This website features official Ferrari merchandise and includes clothing, bags, sunglasses, toys and home decor / desk items. There are also sets of historic photographs, limited edition items and special products that have been personally signed by Alonso and Massa – the current Ferrari Formula One drivers.

Sleepwear for baby boys from Harrods of London

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Only the best for your own baby

The birth of a child is a very special occasion indeed – probably the most special. Do you have a little boy in your life that deserves the best? If so, then you need look no further than Harrods of London for the very best in clothing and accessories. You’re not in the UK? No problem, Harrods ships worldwide.

Baby shower gifts with style

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Best gifts for a baby shower or newborn

Pink for a girl and blue for a boy? That’s how it used to be. But today, more and more parents are choosing to follow in the footsteps on Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge and wait until the birth to find out the sex of their child. I like that. But it does make it a little more difficult for those of us who are buying baby gifts in advance, doesn’t it? No, not with this lovely range from Nordstrom.

Stylish baby and infant clothes – great for even royal babies

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Baby and infant clothes for a little prince or princess

There was a time when it was almost impossible to get stylish clothes for children and babies, but no longer. Even top designers create fabulous clothes for newborn babies and up. This range, from Hartstrings, is an excellent example.

Beautiful Burberry for babies and children

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Burberry – for the most stylish kids on the block

Burberry has stood for British style and elegance since the middle of the ninteenth century. This long-established company is still at the forefront of fashion and design and its famous and iconic tartan patterns are available on clothes for young babies and for toddlers.

Baby shower gifts with style

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Harrods style for teddy bears and toys

For the kids? Well yes, babies and children love these toys but don’t you think that they are a lovely gift for anyone? In addition to their regular range of cuddly toys, every year Harrods produce ‘annual bears’ with the year embroidered onto the plush underside of the foot.

Planet friendly toys

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Planet friendly kid friendly toys

These toys are made in America but that’s not all. The materials used are also one hundred percent American (sourced in California) and one hundred percent recycled. Believe it or not, these lovely items are made from recycled milk cartons. After the recycling process, a plastic is created (known as HDPE) which is considered to be one of the purest plastics available.

Burberry for babies from Harrods of London

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For baby girls and boys – with the royal seal of approval

The British Royal Family make no secret of their fondness for Burberry clothing and fabrics. The Duchess of Cambridge – now acknowledged as a style icon in her own right – is following the traditional and is often to be seen dressed by this prestigious fashion house. Therefore it makes the best of sense that Prince George will be seen in the clothes seen above.

Shopping for baby gifts

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Keepsakes and gifts for baby

Shopping for baby gifts, the nursery, baby keepsakes, and all things baby is made easy at GoToBaby ~ with personalized specialty items you simply can’t go wrong at this baby boutique. Unique, quality, individual and upscale are only a few words that describe the products at this very specialized baby store.

If you are looking for a baby shower gift, a newborn baby gift, or a first birthday gift. you’ll certainly find something extremely unique and different that you simply won’t find anywhere else…

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a friend or family member, this baby shop promises to exceed your expectations in terms of quality, selection, and customer service!

Visit the website

Featured is the luxury baby embroidered robe with trim ~



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Childrens Toys, Playsets and so much more…

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From train tables and train sets, to wooden rocking horses and retro-style play kitchens for boys and girls, this site has some outstanding and unique gifts for children. For hours of creative play, you’ll want to look to this online shopping site and page for long lasting durable toys and playsets and gift ideas.

Vintage children’s books for the collector

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Rare, signed and collectible books

I can’t tell you how delighted I was to discover this fabulous site. It has books on just about every subject imaginable. It has rare first editions, many signed by the author and whereas some books sell for tens of thousands of dollar, others are available for just a couple of bucks. And although I’m talking in USA currency, books shipped from, and to, everywhere.

Ride-on toys for toddlers

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Cute, stylish and fun toys

Although these ride-on toys are recommended for youngsters from eighteen months and up, I have found that younger babies love them too and use them as walking aids when they begin to take their first tentative steps. But these are so much more. Don’t you think that they are wonderful items to have around the home? (Especially the ladybug and the cow for me!)

Charisma: For the most unique selections in dolls

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Charisma Brands for Collectible Dolls

At Charisma Brands for collectable dolls, porcelain dolls, and life like baby dolls the selection here is endless…you’ll find collections from the Wizard of Oz, the Kewpie collection and of course Marie Osmond’s outstanding selection of hard to find dolls.

The North Face Apparel and Gear for men, women and children

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About the North Face

Born in the mountains, this line of apparel and gear for men, women, and children has become a highly recognized name and brand for its high-performance in fitness apparel and outerwear. Regardless of where you live, or in what climate – you can be sure of one thing, and that is that the North Face brand will keep you comfortably warm and dry.

Is 2013 a special year for you? A lasting gift from the Royal Mint

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A special commemorative gift for a special year

Is this a special year for you or for a loved one? Maybe you or a member of your family is celebrating a special anniversary, a new marriage or the birth of a new baby? Mark the year with one of these fabulous gifts from the Royal Mint in London (international orders accepted).

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