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Stylish and unusual gifts for the home

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We spend hours scouring the internet to find wonderful goods and we’re sure that you’ll love this site. The site features so much but today we’re featuring wonderful gifts for the home and kitchen. We are only showing a fraction here – from complete micro-breweries to award-winning appliances.

Incredible crafts kits

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Everyone is crazy about crafts these days. In the last few years, our creative sides have really been expanding their horizons. Today, we hanker for homemade products. We enjoy the act of creation.

Houseware designs by Menu

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Designers and style experts agree that everything you buy for your home should please the eye. Of course, this doesn’t mean that functionality shouldn’t be paramount also. But why should household items be anything less than stylish?

Whether it’s a teakettle, a decanter or a can opener, it ought to have style and be well-designed. That’s why I’m delighted to have discovered Menu Designs. You can see a few examples of their goods on this page. Aren’t they stunning?

The website that features their designs has a wealth of brands and boutiques for you to browse. Take a look.


Visit the website now


A favourite:


Stylish & delicious cakes – order online

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Stylish, scrumptious cheesecakes to order online

Wow, just look at these wonderful cakes. On this fabulous site you’ll find cakes that are perfect for weddings, birthdays, holidays or for an elegant finale to a special meal or sophisticated dinner party. Most of these delectable cakes will serve a dozen people, so there’s plenty to go round.

Wedding invitations with style and panache

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Event invitations with style

This amazing online company has designer invitations for just about any event you can imagine. Here we are showcasing the wedding versions but do take a look at the site for your personal printing requirements. All are fully customizable and delivery, to any country in the world, is speedy. But it’s the design of these invitations which is so stunning and we can only show you a small sample here.

Chocolate with style – no better gift

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Who can resist chocolate?

I know I can’t and yet it’s very rare that I’d buy it for myself. After all, I like to think that I’m eating healthily – most of the time. But what can I do it someone buys me some beautiful chocolate as a gift? Of course I can’t resist and this is what makes it such a special gift that’s suitable for almost everyone.

The perfect outdoor space

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There is no reason why your outdoors spaces shouldn’t be as comfortable and stylish as the rooms inside your home. As with any form of decor, it’s the small details that make the difference.

Kitchen islands with panache

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If you’ve been looking unsuccessfully for the perfect kitchen island or serving cart, then I have found the website for you. These items don’t just add flair and panache to your kitchen – they are also remarkably practical.

The most stylish outdoor heating

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Outdoor heating can extend the life of your patio, yard or balcony beyond the summer season. But it can be so difficult to find stylish examples. That’s why we’re delighted to find this small but gorgeous selection.

The best & most stylish home accessories – from Eva Solo

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Cooking & dining in Scandinavian style

When I first saw the Eva Solo range I fell in love with every single item. Today, these items are seen as pure design classics coming as they do from this prestigious Scandinavian studio. Design experts invariably comment on the clean lines and balanced, yet stunning, design but Eva Solo products offer even more.

Delightful and delicious gourmet desserts and treats

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Who doesn’t love desserts? We have chosen the most delightful range of gourmet cakes, desserts, cupcakes, chocolates and other delectable treats and all are available online from Saks Fifth Avenue. Get gourmet delights delivered right to your door.

Antique & vintage table ware

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Are you looking for something truly different? Something that is unique in the correct sense of the word? If so then we have discovered the website for you if you’re looking for table wear.

Gorgeous gifts for the cocktail lover

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Barware, glassware, gadgets – everything the stylish cocktail lover could wish can be found on this site. And these gifts aren’t items that you’ll find anywhere else – many are exclusive to this online retailer.

Top candle holders & lanterns – with style

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Romantic, stylish and ….sexy

I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who doesn’t appreciate candle light.  The soft glow of flickering flames instantly adds atmosphere, mystery and romance to any room or outdoor space. And to be sensible and not fanciful for a moment, it stops us using the planet’s resources too.  But enough of practicalities … candle light adds a magic touch, whether it’s for entertaining, a dinner a deux or as an everyday relaxing treat to the senses.

For the Coffee Lover: Kopi Luwak Coffee

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Kopi Luwak breaks record for most expensive coffee ever at $3000 dollars a kilogram

Kopi Luwak coffee is the most exclusive coffee you can buy. Kopi Luwak is widely considered to be smoother and less bitter than any other coffee. When trying to find a gift for a coffee lover, Kopi Luwak is the most luxurious coffee you can get. Frankly, it is a try it before you die coffee, and belongs on your “bucket list” along with Wagyu Kobe beef and The Macallan single malt.

The perfect gift for the whiskey lover

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Great gift ideas for whiskey lovers

Every whiskey aficionado knows that whiskey should be enjoyed at 15 Centigrade to really open up the bouquet without sacrificing texture.  Ice will over-chill your drink, and leaves a relatively small window of opportunity to enjoy your spirit at just the right time and temperature without breaking up your whiskey.

Sony Music for the home

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The best music collections

Classic music selections and collections – something for everyone’s ‘tastes’ in music. From collectors editions to beautifully boxed sets this collection of fine music makes for a great gift for yourself or a loved one…

Buy gourmet lobster & seafood online – effortless entertaining

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If you’re looking for an easy way to entertain – but with the best possible gourmet foods – there’s nothing easier than ordering online and having your dinner party or special meal delivered right to you door.

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